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Customs Brokerage Services

As our name suggest our primary area of expertise is U.S Customs Brokerage.  We can process all necessary documentation to fulfill U.S Government requirements for release of imported cargo and clearance of cargo for export. Although over 85% of our entries are conducted via  Laredo,TX and Mcallen/Hidalgo/Pharr,TX Ports of Entry , we hold a national permit that allows us to import merchandise via any port in the nation. We have experience working out of most major ports in the nation, a map of ports we frequently operate from can be found here.

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Import Security Filings ISF's (10+2)

Mendiola Customs Brokerage manages the importation of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of merchandise every year. We handle a wide array of commodities regulated by dozens of government agencies. We have experience working with government agencies ranging from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to the Center for Disease Control.


We manage daily importation regulated by the USDA and the FDA and have comprehensive knowledge on how to prevent and mitigate possible delay causing irregularities.



We are available 24/7/365  to clear high priority shipments and avoid costly production delays or possible client penalties. 

AES Electronic Export Fillings
ITAR Exports
EAR BIS Exports
Export Licenses 
License Exemptions
Consolidated Screening List 
TIB Export Verification
Export of Refused Goods

Although at times underestimated by industry export regulation are at least as important to the success of international supply chains as import regulations. Our team has in depth knowledge of export regulations and can assist in filing the required Electronic Export Information via the Automated Export System. The Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing is generally required by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for U.S. exports that contain a single commodity's value exceeding US$2,500.00. 

Our team is also experienced in other areas of export regulation including, non EAR99 and ITAR exports. As well as the  exportation of goods entered under special bond and goods that have been refused entry by customs other other government agencies. 

In-Transit Entries
Immediate Exportation Entries
ISF's (5+2)
 ATA Carnets 
Professional Equipment
Temporary Importations (TIB's)
Warehouse Entreis

Temporary Importations under special bond is one of Mendiola Customs Brokerage core area of focus. We routinely work with freight forwarders from around the world to facility the transportation under bond of raw materials and components from there U.S Ports of arrival to there final destinations in Mexico. We also work closely with Mexican and Canadian companies to assist in the timely transit of fresh fruits and vegetables from Mexico in to the Canadian market.


Our experience, efficiently and dedication to compliance in this area has allowed us the opportunity to become not only filers but bond administrators for bonded carriers nationwide.  Thru these partnerships our carrier clients can provide transportation for bonded merchandise while greatly diminishing the administrative overhead typically needed to file bonded entries and verify proper cancellation of exportation. 

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