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Consulting Services

Mendiola Customs Brokerage provides a wide range of consulting services, from first time importer consultations to comprehensive material, transportation and design analyze to minimize the total cost of sourcing. We use our extensive experience and knowledge of customs regulations to provide current importers with cost saving solutions and strategies, within the confines of applicable regulatory provisions.  Our new importer consulting services provide a blueprint for the foundation of a successful  and complaint international supply chain. 

Regulatory Trade Compliance

  • Tariff classification analysis

  • Commodity database

  • NAFTA Review

  • Documentation Review 

  • Internal Compliance Manuals 

  • Education & Training 

  • Duty Drawback 

  • Exposure Identification & Mitigation 

  • Compliance Audits & Evaluations

  • Self-Disclosures

  • Permit & Licensing Support

  • Customs Rulings 

  • Focused Assessment Audit Support

FDA Compliance

  • FDA Facility Registration

  • Foreign Food Facility Registration

  • Facility Bi-Annual Renewals

  • Foreign Facility US Agent

  • FDA Product Code

  • Similar Commodity Refusal Reports

  • Label Review 

  • Product Code Determination

  • Import Alerts

  • Detentions/Refusals

  • FSVP Requirements Guidance

  • Food Safety Modernization Act Guidance

  • Preventive Controls For Human Food Guidance

  • General Regulatory Changes Guidance

Agricultral Inspection

USDA Compliance

  • USDA Import Regulations Guidance

  • USDA Import Permit Application Assistance

  • Plant & Plant Products Import Requirements 

  • Animal Products Import Requirements

  • Wood Packing Material Requirements

  • AMS Quality Requirements Guidacne

  • AMS Quality Inspection Coordination

  • Phytosanitary Requirements

  • Packing & Shipping Best Practices 

  • Quarantine Treatments

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